*Beautiful Weber Baby Grand Piano
* Mahogony Red (with 3 positions for the top to be opened)
* The piano serial number is G43 - known as a W152 - this means "Weber 152 cm" 152 cm from the edge of the keyboard to the furthest point on the outer contour
* It is a PREMIUM or PROFESSIONAL Baby Grand Piano not a PROMOTIONAL Baby Grand Piano - this is IMPORTANT in quality of sound
* It comes with a matching piano bench and cushion
* It also comes with a cover - used by me lovingly to protect my piano from the sun
* I have been the O N L Y owner.
* This piano has a nice, clear, clean sound.
* As I am allergic, the piano has lived in a smoke-free environment.
* You will need to arrange for piano tuning, moving, and moving insurance - the last tuning was May 24,
The following information is from an official Weber Piano website:
"Weber Grand Pianos were used at the turn of the century at the Metropolitan Opera because of their warm and rich tone. Weber pianos use a lower tension scale along with the cold pressed hammers to give them a warm rich tone. The floating soundboard and direct coupled bass bridge enhances the bass response even in the smallest grands. "
*** $6,000.00 OBO ***
416-991- Dina
Thank you