1. Three seat red sofa couch (have sofa cover very clear no mark)$220
2. The flower rug 7.5x5 F $65
3. Art sharp glass Coffee table have one pull out drawer.read wood, three legs, heavy.
original price $500 bought it in art shop place. now sell $120
4. Three level corner wood table ( can take out become two small table) see picture under flower pot with phone. $45.
5. real red cherry wood corner table with one drawer.W28'xD12'xH28' $45 (see picture near the door Good for entrance and for keys speace.)
6. 6. Fish Tank just 6 months old still with the box and warranty. $200
A. 16 in widescreen, so you can see more fish. B. LED Lighting C.Power filter
D. Submersible heater E. Come with 12inch kor fish and Snail. F. Some fish food.
7. Circular Crystal Ceiling light; two level mirrors and 28 big crystal ball hang down. $400
8. Smaller Ceiling crystal light $280.
9. Circular shape light green glass ceiling LED lighting $75
10. Antique marble table real wood base; round marble table top and solid real wood base,.( brought in Antique shop) size:D28'xH28'xW27' $250 or best offer.
11. Two No. design table could be dinner table or study table $60
12. Two real rose wood corner cabinet not ikea. $200 both
13. Mala ikea 3 drawer dresser one whiter colour and one birch veneer colour. $55/each.
14. Mala ikea 5 drawer dresser $90
15. Ikea black tv stand, Four shelf with legs, D16'xH20'xW47.5' $50.
16. Black Corner Storage cabinet match with black tv stand item 12. $30
17. Single matters just out the bag, very clear no mark original price $350 now sell $50
need more pictures, please ask me
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